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When you walk along the beautiful Dal lake, you are “attacking” by the owners of the boats (Sikhar) almost on your every step. They want to find a client for a cruise on the lake or rent a boat as accommodation. Despite of their insistence it’s very recommended to try any cruise they offer. The most popular is early morning

Ala-Kol Lake - trekking plan*  Turquoise lake located 3530 m above the sea level, quite popular destination for people loving trekking, adrenaline and beauty of wild nature surrounding. Due to high lake elevation and not so easy accessibility lake can be admired only by patient and strong tourists, whom tiredness is like piece of cake. Whatever the pain in the muscles would be… final breathtaking, little

Moldova is still a terra incognita on the touristic map of Europe. Let's not deceive ourselves -many people don't even know where that small country occupying the same territory like Belgium and whether it has something interesting to offer, or not. In 2012 Moldova was visited by 89 thousand tourists, while Lviv hosts over 1mln tourists a year. And it's

We spent around a fortnight travelling around the beautiful Tuscany. During that time we slept only on campsites and it was like hitting the bull’s eye. All campsites in Tuscany are relatively similar as far as prices are concerned, which are, unfortunately, quite expensive during the season. In my opinion all campsites are also very well organized and they're a