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When you walk along the beautiful Dal lake, you are “attacking” by the owners of the boats (Sikhar) almost on your every step. They want to find a client for a cruise on the lake or rent a boat as accommodation. Despite of their insistence it’s very recommended to try any cruise they offer. The most popular is early morning cruise, when you can observe a water shopping market. Everything, what you have to do is set the alarm clock for the murderous (especially on holidays!) 4 o’clock in the morning, because at 4.30 you have to be ready in the marina. The lake just before sunrise is empty and quiet. The silence is broken only by the singing muezzins from mosques around the lake. Fairy tale!

After about 45 minutes of your cruise, you will arrive at the center of events. You can see many boats floating from all sides, filled with various goods. Quiet, peaceful place turns into a vibrant, crowded, full of live and very colorful market.

You can buy there fresh fruits and vegetables from local gardens as well as a whole bunch of all kinds of craft products (hand-painted dishes, cashmere scarves, jewellery, leather goods, etc.). Water market is a very special place, it’s almost impossible to leave with empty hands.

Trades have a great ability to persuade, they can sell everything, even a leather cap with fur during the summer 😉 If you are not assertive, you will be equipped with all Kashmiri goods…

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