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Before you pack and go here are top ten facts about Transnistria that are actually myths, just common misconception. To clarify what is true and what is a lie here comes native insider, artist, intrepid tour guide and media fixer, Anton Dendemarchenko. 1. Transnistria is a country, that doesn’t exist Transnistria does exist, official name of the country is Pridnestrovie or Pridnestrovian

Moldova is still a terra incognita on the touristic map of Europe. Let's not deceive ourselves -many people don't even know where that small country occupying the same territory like Belgium and whether it has something interesting to offer, or not. In 2012 Moldova was visited by 89 thousand tourists, while Lviv hosts over 1mln tourists a year. And it's

We've tried write few words about travelling around Crimea quite a long time and finally our plan failed, taken into account current situation there. The situation in Ukraine , especially Crimea is so unpredictable that writing tips about traveling around the peninsula doesn't make any sense.  By the way, we had a lot of luck to see Crimea being in the hand of