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Przełęcz Mangart w Słowenii

Beautiful and good-quality asphalt sightseeing road at the height of 2072 meters? Yes! That’s Mangart Saddle in Slovenia, one of the several impressive alpine roads in the region. This one, however, is unique for being the highest road in the whole country…

Przełęcz Mangart w Słowenii
Map of the Mangart Saddle (Mangartsko Sedlo)

A car ride along the famous loop will be a wonderful cheery on top of your trip to the Soča Valley but only if you come during the season and during fine weather. The road is open from the first half of June till the first snowfall in the autumn. Its total length is 11980km and the difference in altitude amounts to as much as 980m. You have to pay EUR5 for the pleasure of riding it but it is really a symbolic payment as the road is of great quality, though also dangerous at times

Przełęcz Mangart w Słowenii


  • Droga ma 12 km, aktualnie przejezdnych jest 9 km. Ostatnią 3 km pętlą można przejechać na własną odpowiedzialność ze względu na osuwiska skalne
  • Wybudowali ją nie Słoweńcy, a włoska armia w latach 30 XIX wieku. Miała znaczenie strategiczne – wsparcie obrony przed wojskami Jugosławii w czasie II Wojny Światowej
  • Na całym odcinku jest pięć wykutych w skale tuneli
  • Maksymalne nachylenie to +22%
  • W budowę zaangażowanych było 500 mężczyzn, pracowali 12 godzin, budujac drogę równocześnie na kilklu odcinkach. Dlatego całość udało się ukończyć zaledwie w kilka miesięcy!
  • Asfalt położono w latach 1994 – 2004
  • The whole road is 12km-long but only 9km are passable right now. You may drive along the last 3km-long loop only on your own responsibility due to rockfalls
  • The pass wasn’t built by the Slovenes but by an Italian army in the 1930s. It used to have a strategic value – it supported defence against the forces of Yugoslavia during World War II
  • The whole road includes five tunnels carved in the mountainsides
  • Maximum slope of the road is +22%
  • 500 men worked for 12 hours every day building the road simultaneously at several sections. In that way they managed to finish its construction in just a few months!
  • Asphalt was laid between 1994 and 2004
Przełęcz Mangart w Słowenii


Reaching the peak of Mount Mangart (2679m) will be a perfect complement to your Mangart Pass ride. Two trails of different difficulty level start at the pass. Even less experienced tourists shouldn’t have any problems with reaching the peak. It usually takes from 5 to 6 hours (ascent and descent).

  • THE “SLOVENIAN” TRAIL – described as very difficult. It leads through a canyon with very steep slopes where rockslides are not uncommon. Definitely not recommended for people with agoraphobia. The ascent takes 1h 45 min.
  • THE “ITALIAN” TRAIL – described as difficult. It’s more suitable for people with less experience or for families with children. The only dangerous place is the “platform” from the northern side which is often covered in snow even in the summer. The ascent takes 2h. You must be prepared for various weather conditions – the weather is very changeable up there.

At the Mangart Saddle there’s an operating mountain chalet with 45 beds. It also houses a restaurant, toilets and offers access to (cold) water. Trails leading to the summit of Mangart start near the building.

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ALPINE Hotel ***

Rooms, restaurant/pizzeria, bar

Log pod Mangartom 63

+386 (0)70 311 811

Joe’s place Hostel **

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