City of ghosts – walk through the Pripyat!

See how Pripyat, town located near the power plant, called the “Phantom City” or the “City of Ghosts”, looks like today. I don’t know about now, but several years ago it was still impossible to get into the city on your own. Such trips are organized e.g. by travel agencies in Kiev; they obtained passes to the “zone”, fixed transport and a guide. It’s a one-day outing by a mini bus. When we visited the place several years ago only two “batches” were allowed to go in a day (at least that’s what we were said). So, there’s little chance you’ll bump into other tourists...

Crimean landscapes

We’ve tried write few words about travelling around Crimea quite a long time and finally our plan failed, taken into account current situation¬†there. The situation in Ukraine , especially Crimea is so unpredictable¬†that writing tips about traveling around the peninsula doesn’t...


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