Camping in Tuscany

  We spent around a fortnight travelling around the beautiful Tuscany. During that time we slept only on campsites and it was like hitting the bull’s eye. All campsites in Tuscany are relatively similar as far as prices are concerned, which are, unfortunately, quite expensive during the...

Tuscany by car? Top 5 scenic routes!!!

Tuscany – perfect place to visit by car, motorbike or bicycle. Traveling just from point “A” to point “B” in Tuscany should be forbidden and considered as a crime;-). Getting lost in Tuscany is highly recommended, veer off from main roads… look for own places, be spontaneous. We have visited Tuscany several times and always we discovered something new. You can make there any idea of trip you can imagine: vineyards trail, movie scenes trip, culinary trail… or just get into the car and go ahead looking for beautyful places… without any specific plan. Below our subjective summary  of spectacular routes you absolutely must see! Top 5...


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