Jumping !!! Aug08

Jumping !!!

Why do we jump during our travels? Nobody knows. Once, some years ago, somewhere, in the middle of nothing we jumped first time and it was the beginning of tradition, which we implement stubbornly during each trip to express happiness, euphoria, delight in the beauty surrounds… Below,...

Ramadan? Don’t panic!

Wise statistics show that Muslims represent almost 20% of the population of the world. Since Ramadan, that is, the holy month of fast, almost without fail falls during our “Western” holiday season, there is a good chance that one day you will fall into the very middle of it during your trip. We have our own memories from travels we embarked on in that period to Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey or the Indian Kashmir, but in these places the tourists are exempt from the rules applicable during the “holy month”, and even the locals themselves sometimes make nothing of these restrictions. So it doesn’t make much...


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