Floating market

When you walk along the beautiful Dal lake, you are “attacking” by the owners of the boats (Sikhar) almost on your every step. They want to find a client for a cruise on the lake or rent a boat as accommodation. Despite of their insistence it’s very recommended to try any cruise they offer....

How to reach Aral Sea? 3 ways how to do it!

Even though we already have a post about the Aral Sea, it occurred to us that we might sum up our journey once again in terms of costs and potential ways of getting there, so that everyone could make up his mind whether the game is worth the candle. Once you get to Nukus, a city located in the northeast of Uzbekistan, you’ll most probably decide (like us) that, apart from the Savitsky Museum of Art, the city hasn’t got much to offer. In that moment an idea to catch the escaping shore of the Aral Sea will dawn on you. Taking into account the fact that in a dozen years or maybe several decades such a trip may not be possible...


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