Ala Kul Lake – trekking plan with MAPS!

Ala-Kol Lake – trekking plan*  Turquoise lake located 3530 m above the sea level, quite popular destination for people loving trekking, adrenaline and beauty of wild nature surrounding. Due to high lake elevation and not so easy accessibility lake can be admired only by patient and strong tourists, whom tiredness is like piece of cake. Whatever the pain in the muscles would be… final breathtaking, little bit lunar landscape is worth every single drop of sweat you had to squeeze from yourself. There is no possibility to make this trip easier by renting jeep with driver. You must use your own legs… no other option, sorry Lake is not so...

Ala Archa Trekking

Trekking to the Peak Uchitel, that is … on our way to a four-thousander (4527 MAMSL) * We noticed that the post describing our several-days-long trek to Ala-Kol Lake in Kyrgyzstan is still enjoying considerable popularity so… it’s time for a description of another trekking trip....


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